Crawling Out Of Dependency

I need to hold myself accountable for saving. I told one of my work mothers I'd text her every time I start setting aside money. I intend to start doing that now.

I think I'm going to wake up super early tomorrow to really outline my expenses and make a budget that I can gradually mince over time.

I don't consider myself a rude person. I do consider myself a bit impulsive, and at times lacking in tact.

There are times I hold my tongue because I don't feel I am in a position to speak freely without consequences (even if they are minute consequences, they add up) to my living situation. It's probably for the best that I don't speak in situations like these, but personally, I find that's a shitty place to be. That's a shitty place to live. I don't like being unnaturally quiet because survival dictates that I do.

I do not want to live the majority of my 20s beholden to anyone but myself in my personal affairs.

When I do get to the point of complete independence it's going to be a bit scary, because if I fail it'll be my own fault. But it will be empowering in an oddly masochistic-way...? The ability to be self-destructive rather than destruction via your environment. Something like that, at least.

I turn 21 toward the beginning of next year. That'll be minus one from this decade. I still have to accomplish an undergraduate degree and a driver's license.

Maintaining a strict budget is going to be difficult because of my impulsive leanings and my work environment. But if I conquer that I know I'll be able to conquer anything else financial in my head.

So, let's get to it.

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