Rye Meetings


Lots of thoughts in my head tonight. I've been trying to write a cohesive entry about a friend of mine who died a few years back. She killed herself. I always think about her when I teeter between wanting to live and wanting to rest forever. Everything I've written has been wholly therapeutic. I might not even share what I've written on here anyway. But I am writing a little bit each night. I feel guilty because I don't feel like I'm really developing myself as a creative writer when I write these personal pieces, but some writing is better than no writing at all. I've been trying to write something with an easy-to-follow structure all night, but I think this the closest I'll get tonight. So now I might just go and do some sudoku. Might just sleep.

Here's a song by my favorite band that I've been listening to almost all night.

This dude's voice is beautiful. And I've legitimately never heard a BBNG arrangement I don't like.

“All I know is I can never go back...”

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