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Honestly, I am still figuring out how I want to define my little corner of the Internet. I truly adore music too much not to share it with anyone. So I'm going to start sharing music on a regular to semi-regular basis because why the hell not?

Arcade Fire – Cold Wind

First heard this on my Six Feet Under binge years ago. I think I was a freshman. It’s still my favorite song by Arcade Fire. It’s not on any of their own albums, which makes me sad. But thank goodness for the web preserving random bits and pieces of this world.

I’m not naturally adept at music, so I don’t go out of my way to learn any instrument. But this is one of the few songs that actually makes me want to learn how to play a guitar.    For me a lot of songs have notes that don’t express much upon first listen. It’s the lyrics that carry the journey. With this song, the initial and repeated notes carry the narrative from the get-go, with the lyrics. And together they never falter. The notes and lyrics weave to structure something intense and haunting. I find it beautiful.   When I listen to this song I find myself deep in introspection, if I’m not already. This is also one of those songs I play when I feel hollow, like the joy’s been scooped and excavated out of my body. When I’m staring at the wall doubting my life or frustrated with nature. This song is a blanket.

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Yeah, I love music too much to not share it with anyone.

The current song I'm adoring:

Comb My Hair ft. Tesia & Bruhnice – Pretty Boy Aaron

Might do this weekly or as I discover songs that I really vibe with.

I'm honestly still figuring out what I want to do with my write.as. I'm thinking about taking down my poems and whatnot and just leaving this for for personal reflections/journaling... We'll see.

🎶 ~So let me comb my hair for you, baaaby~ 🎶

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