She got off the bus at her stop. Her mommy wasn't there though.

So she waited. She found a way to make looking at the sidewalk fun. Cars passed her. Some slowed down and stared at her.

She wasn't taught stranger danger So a warm car seemed nicer than the pelting sleet. Looking wasn't fun anymore.

The little girl started to ball. “Maybe she's dead. Maybe that's why she wasn't here.” “But what do I do if Mommy's dead?” “But maybe she could've overslept... She does that a lot.”

She was stuck thinking.

But eventually she built up the resolve to trek her way home. She'd only ever walked with Mommy before. But maybe her feet would remember the path.

She lugged one foot in front of the other on the sidewalk. Cars didn't slow down for her anymore.

She finally saw home after what seemed like a long time walking.

Walking up to each door, she searched for the right number combination.

It didn't take too long — the girl recognized her family's door! She held her breath and opened her home's door with a smile.

Mom was watching TV.

#ShortStory #FreeversePoem